About Me


Hey! Glad to see you here! I’ve created this site as a platform for my e-portfolio to present my best awesome legendary past and current work for writing and mathematics.

As a recent graduate from Thompson Rivers University from the Bachelor of Arts program, choosing to study mathematics and creative writing (major and minor respectively) I have obtained a unique combination of skills. I now have my sights set on a career in marketing at the entry level.

I became focused on mathematics as my major when I discovered I enjoyed analyzing data, particularly using statistics. There’s something about getting results from doing different tests on data that really intrigues me.

On the more creative side, I found out in my first class of creative writing that it was a subject matter that quickly drew me in. While I do enjoy creating poems, and crafting stories from time to time, I particularly found my writing niche in writing screenplays. I continue to expand my portfolio and strive to be able to say that one of my screenplays was made into a feature film.

When I’m not enjoying amazing movies, I like taking landscape or still photography. In addition, I love fencing; there’s something exhilarating about being in a live one-on-one chess match with someone else. A stimulating tension is always present in each match, where at any moment your swords could clash and you need to both defend yourself and attempt to get a point. Downhill and cross-country skiing also keep me active during the winter, and I look forward to any opportunity to take part in either.

Anyway, that’s me! Thanks for reading to the end!