Speculative Fiction Excerpt

This piece for university was made for my speculative fiction class. In it, we had to create a twenty to thirty page short story for the beginning to a novel we would later work on. I chose the latter. However, while I don’t plan on making a novel out of this work, it has given me a solid foundation for a screenplay I might adapt from it.

A young first mate, Nick, scrapes by in a world desperate for water. Fresh water is so rare the world economies are built around water as the most valuable resource, and in some cases, currency. Since the ground has become flooded by rising tides and terrible storms, and due to overconsumption, freshwater is all but non-existent. Thus, airships have taken to the sky to harvest water from the clouds. But clouds are becoming more and more scarce day by day, and the only hope for water is an old legend that may be just as crazy as it sounds…

Not A Drop


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