Interactive Fiction Game Completed!

I recently finished an interactive fiction game (aka a web-version of a “choose your own adventure” book) I made for Thompson Rivers University. While I did complete a finished version by the end of my co-op, I was asked to continue expanding on it during a work study position which I glad accepted. I can finally say that it is truly completed. However, due to the scale of the game (and since I made this singe-handedly) there may be a few grammar or spelling mistakes, but I have done my best to fix or correct all of them.

Can you survive the dangerous lands of Canada? You might not be Indiana Jones, but with your business skills you just might be able to survive, and obtain, the Treasure of Thompson Rivers University. Avoid traps, solve riddles and watch out for a mysterious cult that worships sleep which is said to inhabit the university grounds. Good luck adventurer!

The Search For The TRU Treasure


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