TV Pilot Excerpt

Another piece from university, this one was a semester-long project I worked on to create a TV pilot. We were allowed to choose any genre, so I went with a mixed high-fantasy sci-fi theme. I created drama and treachery elements similar to the TV show Black Sails, adventure elements similar to Atlantis: The Lost Empire movie, and danger elements similar to those of King Kong (2005).

I built the world of the show entirely from scratch. It all takes place on a planet with similar physics to those of Earth, however, this is a much larger planet (about 1.75 times the size of Earth). Each continent is a perfect square (called Sectors) which there are four evenly distributed around the planet, each with their own unique environment. The show starts with Phineas and Martin on Sector four in an underground city. Both brothers are through with their crummy lives and want to make changes to their world. With recent events, this might just be the chance they’re looking for, but other forces are at play, and the world itself may have other plans for these brothers…

Aurora – “The Shift”


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